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Save on your mortgage insurance

Save on your mortgage insurance

The Furcem law, the Cogilaw Company system and the insurance code protect the rights of consumers in the area of ​​mortgage lending, you can today choose an individual loan insurance external to the lending institution to provide a bank credit: Simulate an offer comparative realistic Swiss credit insurance loan and join the insurance contract cheaper insurance broker of loan not expensive!

Insurance ready

Insurance ready

Founded in 1857, Swiss credit is the largest life insurance group in Switzerland. He is also a major player in life insurance in France, Germany and Luxembourg. Specialized in personal insurance, Swiss credit is the second largest private health insurer in France and the fourth largest in the retirement and provident insurance market. The group offers on its French site a complete range of solutions:

  • mutual health, life insurance,
  • savings, retirement, borrower
  • home insurance, auto, motorcycle.

Protect yourself with Swiss credit Loan Insurance

Benefit from the best guarantees with Swiss credit

Benefit from the best guarantees with Swiss credit

Since the implementation of the Cogilaw Company law in September 2010, borrowers have the choice of their loan insurance! It is indeed possible for you to choose your insurance contract from any insurer and thus opt for the offer that will present the best performing guarantees at the lowest rate.

Compare Loan Insurance: Swiss credit

The use of an online credit insurance comparator allows you to view many insurance offers to direct you to the formula that best meets your needs and expectations. By opting for the cheapest insurance offer, you will be able to save several thousand euros on the cost of your home loan compared to the bank’s offer.

Entrust the negotiation of your loan insurance to a broker! The broker insurance of loan not expensive can negotiate for you very advantageous conditions and save you a lot of money on your immo loan.

Equivalent company guarantees recognized by financial institutions

  • Dedicated management of your loan insurance
  • Current rate: compare other companies
  • Insurance for all borrowers

Act Cogilaw Company law to take advantage of the opening of the market

Free choice of your borrower insurance, bankers must now respect the right of borrowers:

  • Accept the delegation if the offer offers equivalent guarantees
  • Clearly state the reasons for the denial of external assurance
  • Do not change loan conditions increase rates or fees.

The Cogilaw Company law is for borrowers an important advantage for the negotiation of the loan insurance rate, the loan insurance market is experiencing a profound change and sees the arrival of new players and competition between all insurers.

Furcem Law: Break the insurance of the bank loan

Furcem Law: Break the insurance of the bank loan

  • Article Furcem Law Article “L312 1 2” prohibits “credit/insurance credit group sales” the mere mention of the law to a banker will encourage him to accept the proposed Swiss credit loan insurance delegation.

The bank can no longer impose a credit increase if you choose to insure your credit with an outside insurance company; it can even be penalized. “Borrower guarantee” solutions with Swiss credit Insurance. Conduct a study using the insurance calculator loan and subscribe to the contract that will ensure the coverage of the loan throughout its duration!

Swiss credit Loan Insurance Delegation

  1. Realize a realistic comparative simulation
  2. Receive an insurance offer
  3. Make a contractual offer with a consultant
  4. Join your contract during the day (under condition)