England away kit leaked: Nike jersey is navy blue with light blue trim rather than traditional red | The independent


The New England away kit has apparently been leaked online – and the kit is blue rather than traditional red.

The jersey, made by American sportswear giant Nike, follows the same pattern as the 2015 Portugal away jersey. It was revealed on the reliable FootyHeadlines website.

Rather than the traditional red, the kit is navy blue with light blue horizontal stripes.

Umbro produced a kit with a similar color scheme in 2010, but it was the first away kit since the infamous Euro 96 gray jersey that wasn’t red.

Prior to these two kits, only three other kits were not red – all of Umbro’s light blue efforts between 1987 and 1992.

The Leaked England Shirt

(Footy Titles)

England’s next qualifying game is in San Marino on September 5 – it is not yet clear whether the team will wear the shirt at that time, although an exit is expected soon.

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