Nike and Patta have another great Air Max 1 sneaker in the works

Nike and Patta can’t get enough of the Air Max 1. Patta has quietly gained ground in the United States, thanks to collaborations with New Balance and Vans over the past year. Now, the Dutch brand is filling up with four presentations of the Nike Air Max 1 in a collection called “The Wave”, including a black and white version that we had not seen until now.

This isn’t the first time Nike and Patta have crossed paths in a creative way. The genesis of their partnership dates back to 2008 when the two presented a remix of the Air Max 1. “The Wave” is their seventh collaboration and the fifth reinvention of the classic Nike silhouette, ahead of its 35th anniversary in 2022.

Patta – As an independent Amsterdam-based business owned by black people, Patta has been very successful in sustaining herself over her 17-year career. Perhaps the partnership of more than ten years allowed Patta to have more experimental power with Nike. Nevertheless, Nike’s recent drive to allow collaborators to explore creative freedom could also be a catalyst for the Air Max 1 to be the shoe of choice in the collection.

Surf the wave – Available in “Monarch”, “Aqua Noise”, “Night Maroon” and “Black” colourways, each reorganizes the classic Nike. The fourth and final iteration was unveiled courtesy of Chris Union, the founder of iconic streetwear label Union Los Angeles. While the original Air Max 1 claims collinear and cohesive makeup, the new offering keeps things loose with a wavy fender, its resistance detail.

The uppers receive a leather and nylon treatment with an embroidered Baby Swoosh on the fender and its full-size counterpart sitting comfortably on the quarter. Patta also serves the branding on the tongue and sock lining through her script logo. Each pair is securely packaged in a collector’s box, complete with a silver-plated charm bracelet to embrace Patta’s Surinamese heritage.

The sneakers also run parallel to the clothing, a capsule that currently includes t-shirts, a matching tracksuit, and designer socks. As each sneaker colourway comes to fruition, we can expect Patta and Nike to have more pieces under their sleeve.

Movies – Along with the sneaker iterations, Patta and Nike launched a four-chapter film series commemorating the philosophy behind “The Wave”. Each chapter is named chronologically “Waves Not Cycles”, “Loud & Clear” and “Forward”, with chapter four still unpublished.

Directed by Mahaneela and produced by Lammas Park, Steve McQueen’s production house, each episode envelops different elements of Patta’s ethics and community values. Freedom, creativity and honesty are pillars throughout the shorts, following the protagonists through the landscapes of music, fashion and athletics.

Chapters one, two and three of the Nike x Patta collection are available now. It’s still unclear if the Chapter Four black colourway will be exclusive to Patta’s store or if it will see a larger release.

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