Nike shorts are a Twitter obsession – here are 10 you need for the summer


“Nike shorts” have repeatedly become a trending topic on Twitter this spring, signaling enthusiasm for a semi-post-COVID summer. The champions of Swoosh branded shorts can basically be categorized into two categories: guys who plan to wear just that and women who think they look sexy on men and can just steal them as some sort of trophy. thottie.

Whether you’re a guy who prefers to dress in a uniform or a sex positive girl, you really can’t go wrong with Nike shorts. They have become a shortcut for a warm weather version because they are relatively inexpensive, versatile and most importantly comfortable. And in our crazy world of logos, few badges have more character than the sofa.

To help you live your best summer life as adopted by Twitter, we’ve rounded up a range of shorts you can grab right now to start the good times. Of course, they can be stolen, but it’s a risk you’re going to have to take. (Or maybe you already need a replacement.)

Nike Flow Leg Embroidered Shorts ($ 45)

Mr. Porter

You can’t get more classic than this – black fabric, white logo, and the perfect five-inch inseam.

Nike Dri-Fit Flex Stride Shorts ($ 60)


If you dare to go even shorter, your risk will be rewarded with these colorful trail running shorts. Access is currently exclusive to Nike members, but all you have to do is register to maximize your thigh exposure.

Nike x Kim Jones Print Shorts ($ 90)


Some people still aren’t ready to go above the knee with their shorts on, and that’s okay. Subtle stripes inspired by Kim Jones Air Max 95 make those basketball knuckles far from chunky.

Nike Dri-Fit Elite Basketball Shorts ($ 45)


Dri-Fit Elite basketball shorts are a mainstay for sneakers, but they’re just as great for lounging around. And if you’re wearing a small, medium, or large, you can purchase a black-on-black pair for just $ 38.

Nike Yoga Dri-Fit Shorts ($ 55)


While all of the shorts here are comfortable, you’re not going to outperform those specially designed for the full range of motion required for yoga. The sweat-wicking fiber is made from 75% recycled polyester, which also gives the shorts durability points.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Shorts ($ 35)

Mr. Porter

Fleece shorts are a revelation, and Nike specially designed them for days off. Another tip: gray sweats do something magical for your anatomy.

Green Nike Woven Shorts ($ 50)


Medium Green: Great for standing out in a crowd and not getting hit by a car.

Nike ACG Nylon Shorts ($ 50)


If you come here regularly you know we need to add All Conditions material. These belted shorts with a vivid pattern are sold out almost everywhere – but you can still get them here in an almost full run.

Nike Heritage Cord Shorts ($ 65)

To finish. Clothes

Corduroy shorts? They are not as hot as you might think. Smarter material and the old-fashioned Nike logo in lowercase puts them on top of your standard athletic shorts.

Nike Flex Stride Wild Run Shorts ($ 60)


We can’t promise you faster times, but you will look like the fastest person wherever you go for a run.

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