Razorbacks need to gain defensive intensity

Random thoughts watching the Arkansas Razorbacks and waiting for Monday night’s college football playoff championship game:

The Razorbacks may have played their best defense of the year for most of the final three minutes, putting them close to 79-78, but with 33 seconds left, Texas A&M’s Marcus Williams enjoyed a 3 foot defensive pad and hit a three point.

The Aggies would make their last four free throws and win 86-81.

Arkansas have struggled in five of their last six games, losing those last five, but their lack of defensive intensity has been a big part of the problem as opponents have had an open look in and out. ‘outside.

The Razorbacks shot each other in the foot yesterday, leading by 13 points in the first half and then committing several turnovers to fall behind and never regain the lead.

They came close, but not close enough to complete a road game and drop to 10-5 overall and 0-3 in SEC play.


Many people in Indianapolis were somewhat surprised by the cold.

Seriously, Indy is always cold in the winter and it’s a great sporting city. It also has closed walkways, so people don’t have to freeze when walking to and from Lucas Stadium.

However, it would make more sense if there was a three stadium rotation in the south to give a better chance of not having 12 inches of snow dumped on you overnight.

The first would be AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, affectionately known as Jerry’s World. It is a premier arena designed for football and the enjoyment of its fans. It has a major airport, and thanks in part to Six Flags Over Texas dozens and dozens of motels and hotels.

Second, the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans is obvious. While this is a nightmare for the media (the press row has been moved to the rafters and all the seats are right in front of the huge heating and cooling vents), it is ideal for players, coaches and fans. .

Almost all hotels are within walking distance. It has a major airport.

And outside of Bologna, Italy, no one can beat the food. New Orleans knows how to throw a party. The maximum at Indy today is supposed to be 38 degrees, the forecast for the Big Easy is 78 degrees.

The third would be Atlanta and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Served by one of the largest airports in the world with hundreds of hotels and motels and again the weather is not brutal.

The majority of programs would be able to fly direct to these three cities.


The fans – the majority of the college football world – are right. The transfer portal and the name, image and likeness have changed varsity athletics and not for the better.

Long before the NIL became a reality, it was seen to be about to happen. The NCAA ignored him. They did nothing to try to rule it or limit it.

So it has few guidelines and the richer schools will get richer.

If Hollywood decides to get involved with UCLA or USC, you’ll see athletes earning a lot of money for appearances in movies and TV shows.

If Nike decides to bet on Oregon, the Ducks will be an overnight powerhouse.

The Arkansas Razorbacks have some of the nation’s most successful businesses within a short drive. JB Hunt, Tyson Foods, George’s Chicken and Walmart are nationally known.

The Waltons have been mainly involved with study and culture, but if they wanted to, they could make what Kroger did for the Kentucky Wildcats look like a stupid change.

Walmart also has vendors with budgets. That said, the Waltons have made a huge impact on things other than athletics.

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